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Racer Registration for 2023 / 2024    

Below you will find instructions for registering for 2024 Race Season.  If you'd like to learn more about Sundown Race Team create a New User ID & Password ...Once you're logged in you can read more about ski racing & the SRT program.

New to Ski Racing? Transfering to SRT? Or Returning for Another Year? There are two sets of instructions for those of your returning for another year, pick Returning Racers.  If you are new to SRT, either first year racing or are transfering from another Wijara Team pick New to Skiing or Transferring.

Instructions for Returning Racers

To renew your SRT & Wijara Memberships you will need to...

  1. Create a SRT Online site user name and password for this site, New User ID & Password *Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder for automated emails from SRT Online.
    Forgot your password click here. 
  2. Make sure you have the right bib number(s)
    Lookup bib numbers
  3. Next, Register for the SRT, Open a New Registration Packet, (clicking on the button below will open a new window):
    Read First, to successfully complete the Registration Packet you will need...
  4. Finally, Register with Wijara at 

Instructions for New Ski Racers or if you're Transferring to SRT from another Wijara Team

If you're interested in ski racing you've come to the right place!  SRT has been teaching kids about ski racing and safe skiing practices for over 25 years. If you have questions regarding SRT please email or text message Head Coach Mya Schaefer, ( or 802-289-4163.)

To join SRT & Wijara you will need to

  1. Create a SRT Online user name and password for this site, New User ID & Password *Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder for automated emails from SRT Online. 
  2. Next, Register for the SRT, Open a New Registration Packet,

    Read First, to complete the Registration Packet you will need...
    • for New Racers? Enter 999 in the bib number field. 
    • If you are new to Wijara select "New" under Wijara Status field.
    • Transfering Racers? If you've previously raced in Wijara for another team, please enter your old bib number, and select "Transfer" under Wijara Status field.
    • A Paypal or Venmo Account
    • Gather Second Parent, Guardian, or Emergency Contact info, you can enter as many as you'd like.
    • Parents must volunteer for two jobs: 1 for the SRT Home Race, 1 at a Wijara Away Race.
      If you have questions regarding volunteering please read Parent Volunteer Page under Team Resources.

      Note, clicking on the button will open a new window.

  3. After joining SRT and receiving a bib number from the SRT Tracker you will be able to register with the race league, Wijara.

About The Sundown Race Team

  • The SRT club provides kids with introduction opportunity to Alpine Ski Racing.
  • The team's objective is to provide children and teens alpine ski racing coaching based on age, level of experience, and skiing skills. Tho SRT is an independent club from Sundown Mountain, our coaches pick-up where Sundown's Learn to Ski Program ends.

  • SRT is one of 8+ teams competing in Wijara, Wisconsin Illinios/Iowa Alpine Junior Racing Association, boasting teams from Wisconsin, Illinios, Iowa, all the way South to Hidden Valley, in Saint Louis, Missouri. 
  • As the second largest team in the league, with 80+ athletes competing, SRT sends eight coaches to every Wijara race.
  • Our coaching staff ensures that the team is well organized and supported throughout each race day.  Coaching staff are on hand to provide guidance and strategy thru out each race day, helping racers and parents with course inspection, communicate start times, calm competition nerves at the start, monitor the finish area, and assist with questions or timing issues. A parent or guardian must attend the race, collaborating with their children on lift tickets, food, free skiing in between race runs, schedules, transportation, and lodging needs. 
  • Wijara Competitions: On Saturday, teams compete in one day of Giant Slalom (GS), and one day of Slalom (SL) on Sundays. The weekend events are fun outdoor competition opportunities for kids and parents alike. In addition to ski racing, the weekend races are a chance to enjoy winter, make new friends, watch the kids compete, and enjoy a carnival like atmosphere.  To learn more about Wijara Race Weekends click here.

Questions? If you have questions about SRT, Wijara, or Ski Racing checkout our FAQ page by clicking here.


About Wijara - Four Weekends of Racing

The Wijara League consists of eight other teams: Chestnut Mountain, Tyrol Basin, Cascade Mountain, Snowstar, Hidden Valley, Blackhawk, Four Lakes, and Wilmot.

Each season Wijara schedules four weekend events: two in January and two in February. Weekend races typically have upwards of 550 racers. The races are held at Sundown, Chestnut, Cascade, and Tyrol Basin.

You can learn more about SRT and WIJARA by signing up for an account on this website. You may cancel at any time or opt out of receiving email alerts.

Wijara Schedule 2023/2024 

The race schedule for the 2023/2024 season has been confirmed.

1st Race: Chestnut -- January 6/7

2nd Race: Sundown -- January 20/21

Devil's Head -- February 3/4

Tyrol Basin -- February 24/25

Bonus Race: Iowa Games -- January 27

Practice Schedule 2023/2024  



Other Ski Racing News & SRT Updates & Opportunities

Junior Coaching Spots Open for 2023/2024  

Senior SRT Athletes may apply to become a Junior Coach.  To apply you'll need to login to SRT Online and fill out the SRT Coach Application, located under the Home button, Click Here.

Junior coaches receive the following benefits...

  • Learn about the ski industry & coaching
  • Job Experience --  Build your resume
  • Hourly Wages
  • Sundown Season Pass
  • SRT Team Captians at Wijara Races

The Sundown Race Team is a non-profit club linked to Sundown Mtn Ski Resort, in Dubuque, Iowa. The team primarily trains and hosts races on Andrew's and the Snow Devil trail, to the left side of Sundown's terrain park.

Coaching Opportunities  

If you're a former ski racer either from SRT or another team, and interested in coaching please contact SRT.  You can access SRT Online by signing up for an account.

Full-Time Coaches Receive...

  • A Sundown Season Pass
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Hourly Wage

To apply create an SRT Online account, login, then Click Here to apply.

About SRT Coaching Staff  

SRT Coaches are some of the most experienced coaches in the country.  To learn more about our coaching staff click here.

Tyrol Basin 2023 U10s


At Wijara races SRT Athletes have the benefit of experienced coaches located at the top of the race hill and in the finish area. Before racing starts SRT team members inspect the course with a coach or team captin. Coaches are on hand thru out the race day to help with the pre-race jitters, talk race strategy, and make sure issues are mitigated.

 About SRT Online  

Site Contents:

  • Practice times and updates
  • Race schedule and information
  • Team events and updates
  • Member forum
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Ski racing tutorials and FAQs
  • Media library for race results, videos, and team photos

Anybody who was or is part of the Midwest ski community is welcome to apply for an account.

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